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Structural issues in properties, stemming from aging, deterioration, or environmental factors like water damage or subsidence, often necessitate repairs. At Brick Stone & Clay Masonry, our experienced team has expertise in comprehensive structural repairs.

Our tailored services encompass Crack Stitching, Lintel Repairs, Structural Anchoring, and Cavity Wall Ties, addressing each property’s unique needs with precision. We take pride in offering bespoke solutions that ensure the longevity and stability of your structure.

Wondering if your building requires a structural repair contractor? If you’re facing issues without a clear cause, consulting with our experts can help assess both the extent and root cause of the damage. Watch out for warning signs such as unusual cracks, sagging floors, or moisture-related problems, as they may indicate the need for structural repairs in the future.

The Tell-Tale Signs of Structural Repairs are Needed Include:

Cracked Masonry

Damp Proofing Issues

Slumping in the Masonry

Ground movement

What Causes Structural Problems?

Over time, structural issues may arise in older properties, and even newer ones can face problems in brickwork and stonework due to external factors beyond the building’s control.

Simply put, when there is movement around a property, a fixed structure is typically not designed to flex without experiencing damage. This type of structural damage can occur for various reasons, including defective drains in the vicinity, the presence of tree roots near the property, fluctuations in the water table level, and ground movement or settling.

To identify the root cause of any cracks and determine the most suitable treatment, it is advisable to consult with an experienced property surveyor. Their expertise allows them to assess the underlying issues and provide recommendations for effective solutions.

Crack Stitching

Crack stitching is a permanent and very successful method of structural repair for fixing cracks in brick walls and for properties suffering from cracks in the masonry and the mortar bed joints.

In summary, ‘stitching’ cracked brick walls requires using bars grouted (a fluid form of concrete) into the bed joint, overlapping the crack in the wall the same way using threaded bars to stitch two pieces of the wall back together. Compared to past methods, crack stitching is very resilient and a very cost-effective solution.

Structural Anchoring

Brick Stone & Clay Masonry are specialists at using structural anchoring and reinforcement systems, providing solutions for structures, including historical buildings, masonry bridges, monuments, railway structures and walls. Masonry anchors can also be used to create secure fixings on facades, walls and structures providing a solution to fit your project.

The mechanically grouted masonry anchors use a sock system to stabilise damaged masonry, with the sock expanding to form a strong bond. These are purpose-designed for each project or application and are highly versatile. They are highly effective in poor-quality materials, and for bridging cavities in walls or structures. The versatile nature of this product means it can be used for a vast array of projects, as it can be customised to any specification.

The anchoring system can be used on an array of materials, from stone, concrete, clay, terra cotta, adobe and even timber. It can also be used underwater and in weak substrates.

Lintel Repair

Lintel repairs are a serious structural repair that can affect your property. Lintels are used above openings in walls, doors and windows to support the weight above.

If your property is suffering cracks above or below these openings, doors or windows; then it could suggest a weakening of the lintel that needs to be repaired.

Repairs carried out using lintel reinforcement prevent the potential collapse of the external outer masonry, provide resistance against further cracking and strengthen the structure of the masonry as well as offering minimum disruption and a long-term solution.

Why are my lintel problems occurring now?

During construction modern buildings use lintels made from steel or concrete, but in older properties they can be made from timber or even stone.

Depending on the age and the type of property, the lintel support could be failing due to natural deterioration, environmental factors such as the weather or is it through the timber being attacked by woodworm, dry rot or wet rot. Older properties are more susceptible to building deterioration due to the materials used.

If your property is suffering from cracks above or below windows, lintel repair may be required. Once signs are spotted, lintel repairs should be carried out by reinforcing the structural masonry with high-grade stainless bars.

Is it really necessary to repair the lintels?

Once the signs of cracks in the masonry appear, it is essential the cracks are repaired and the root of the problem addressed. If the cracks are not repaired, this can lead to further structural problems and in extreme cases, may make the property unsafe.

Unfortunately, ignoring the suspected lintel failure will gradually lead to the problem getting worse. The general rule of thumb is that the sooner you attend to the structural issue the less it will cost in terms of cost, time and inconvenience for yourself to repair.

Cavity Inspection

The condition of cavity wall ties may cause concern if any movement is noted to the property i.e. stepped cracking to the external brick or stone, cracking to internal plaster finishes or expansion of render/coated finishes.

Movement to a property can be caused by several reasons including subsidence due to problems with the foundations which may be caused by poor fill, excessive moisture and drying or movement due to surrounding tree roots. Otherwise corroded cavity ties or even natural settlement. Therefore, cavity wall ties should be inspected to rule out or confirm this possible cause.

Poorly insulated cavities can also lead to major damp problems within a building including condensation leading to black spot mould and penetrating damp from cavity bridging.

Boroscope inspections allow for visual examinations within a cavity or enclosed area without the need for disruptive works involving the opening up of walling or removal of fixtures and fittings. The borescope inspection is carried out by drilling a small hole of approx. 10mm to accommodate the camera fitted with high-intensity light with a reach of up to 290mm depth and 360-degree view. The borescope relays the observations to a high-resolution screen to allow for viewing, photographing and recording.

Our borescope surveys are followed up with a comprehensive report, detailing the findings within a table of the drill locations, images and written summary and conclusion and will usually be accompanied by location plots.

Key benefits of a Borescope Inspection;
Non-destructive method
Inexpensive method
Immediate and accurate results of viewing
Provides photographic or video evidence from inside the inspected area.
Where render or other coatings are present it is advised that the walls are drilled internally to prevent damage to the coating.
We are also equipped to carry out surveys and inspections incorporating the use of the thermal imaging camera which helps us to further pick up on other defects such as:
Confirm wall construction, bridging and cavity voids
Report on the presence, type and condition of Cavity Wall Insulation
Report on the presence, type and condition of Cavity Wall Ties
Investigate any points of potential water ingress, internal or external
Investigate possible leaks and locate pipework
Inspect for signs of rot or decay to inlaid timbers
To check for infestations of rodents or insects


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