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Most people start to think about damp proofing when symptoms of dampness start to appear on their internal walls. Damping on walls causes aesthetic damage to paint, plaster, wallpaper, skirting boards and other fixtures and fittings but it can also lead to more serious problems such as rot which can affect structural timbers.

Other problems associated with damp walls include exacerbated symptoms of asthma and other respiratory conditions and poor energy efficiency with higher bills as a result.

If you notice damp walls in your property then we recommend acting fast to resolve the issue. Generally speaking, the sooner a damp wall is repaired the less deterioration it will suffer.

The Excess Moisture That Causes Damp Walls Can Occur For Various Reasons, Such As:

Humidity Caused By Poor Ventilation
Faulty Roofing, Gutters and Down Pipes
Bridged or Damaged Damp-Proof Courses

Damage to Foundations From Tree Roots or Invasive Weeds

Damp Cavity Wall Insulation

Types of Damp and Damp Treatments

Identifying the exact type of damp proofing you require can sometimes be difficult for those who are not professionally trained. Symptoms of conditions like penetrating dampness, rising damp and condensation can look remarkably similar but all require different damp proofing techniques to solve.

That said, when most people talk about “damp-proofing” they are usually referring to a remedial damp-proof course. This is a type of waterproofing where a barrier is placed in a wall to prevent rising dampness. There are many other types of damp proofing treatments available though, and each is suitable for different types of damp.

Many homeowners will have heard of a damp-proof course, waterproof membranes or positive input ventilation unit but far fewer would know when to apply them.

What is a Damp Proof Course?

A damp-proof course (DPC) is a damp-proofing treatment used to treat rising dampness. Damp-proof courses can be repaired or installed with a few different methods but the most popular and well-known is the damp-proof injection.

A damp-proof course is only effective against rising damp and will not help other damp problems such as condensation or penetrating dampness, so we would always recommend contacting an accredited surveyor to develop a treatment plan before getting a damp-proof course installed. It should be noted that rising damp is regularly misdiagnosed by untrained tradespeople, so by discussing the problem with a qualified and trade body recognised company like Brick Stone & Clay Masonry you could potentially save yourself from any needless and ineffective treatment.

What is a Damp-Proof Membrane?

A damp-proof membrane is a high-density polyethene which is impermeable to water ingress and any contaminants associated with this problem. This makes damp proof membrane an ideal material for the treatment of damp problems such as penetrating dampness and rising damp.

The membrane is secured to internal walls after the source of the water ingress has been repaired and its bumpy surface creates a cavity that allows moisture to evaporate from the wall behind. These membranes are also used in structural waterproofing projects in basements and cellars as part of a cavity drainage system.

How To Stop Condensation

If your property is damp because of condensation you are likely to see excess water on your windows and black mould on your walls and window frames. This condition is common in humid rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen where water vapour (steam) is particularly prevalent.

Stopping condensation can be as simple as opening windows, keeping lids on boiling pots or shutting the door when having a bath or shower. That said, persistent condensation problems that cannot be shifted through lifestyle changes can be solved professionally with the installation of mechanical ventilation units – these can range from basic extractor fans to positive input ventilation systems.

How To Treat a Damp Basement or Cellar

When it comes to damp proofing an underground space it is common to see the process referred to as waterproofing as opposed to damp proofing. This is because basement waterproofing systems are often very different from the systems used to treat damp problems above the ground.

Concrete tanking systems and waterproof membrane and drainage systems are common solutions for keeping a basement or cellar dry and these work by holding back or managing water ingress from earth retaining walls.


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